Do I need to remove my wig when I sleep at night?

A wig is a kind of headwear made from real human hair or chemical fiber silk through machine processing or manual craftsmanship. There are different colors, lengths and curvatures to choose from for hairstyles or styling.
But many people don't know whether the wig should be taken off every day before going to bed.
Generally speaking, it is best to take it off at night! Sleeping with a wig will mess up the wig's styling, and it is very troublesome to take care of it the next day. Therefore, it is recommended to take it off before going to bed at night, put it on the head mold or bracket for the wig, and put it back on the next day can.
For some non-deformable wigs or wigs that are fixed on the scalp with glue film, it is really inconvenient to remove them, you can also choose to wear them while sleeping.