How often do I wash my wig? How to wear a wig?

How often do I wear the wig every day?
If you wear a wig every day, it is recommended to wash it twice a week. If you don't have so much time to take care of it, you can wash it once a week.
After the wig is processed, it will not grow lice, but if it is not washed for a long time, grease and dust will reduce the service life of the wig.
How to wear a wig
First, put the hairnet around your neck and be careful when applying it.
Then, after putting it in place, lift the hairnet from the face to the head to fully extend the hairnet. Check whether all the hair is netted in, and then fix the hair net with a hair net clip.
Finally, adjust the height appropriately and trim it to the proper length.
Detailed tutorials on washing and wearing are in the "EXPERT TIPS" category column of our store.